Jeff Timmons, 98 degree star, motivates new music in a local movie

Illinois (WMBD) — Peoria, Illinois, 98 Degrees fans are delighted to learn that in recent days founding member Jeff Timmons has filmed a new film.

The international baking at Morton’s Pumpkin Festival is about Baking Up Love. It was scheduled on Pure Flix on 1 September.


Timmons said about his character, Rev. Mark, Good Day Central Illinois Matt Sheehan.

“I’m not known as actor traditionally,” Timons laughed. “I have great actors and I hope that when they watch this, people take a break.”

Through Candice Cain, owner and president of Gemelli Films, Timmons said he heard about the film.


Timons said, “She was extremely successful. “She baked this film and took it to Morton, literally. It’s a nice film featuring some of the greatest performers, and I am honored to be there.”


Timons said that his stay at Morton reminded him that he grew up in an Ohio town. He said the central Illinois people were very friendly and welcoming.


“It was fantastic. That’s what the Midwest gets. I’ve been living in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, now. There’s good people around the globe, but the Midwest isn’t. “Kaufman’s Mayor was wonderful, and he really helped to get them together,” Timons said.


His popular 98 Degrés boy band Timmons said it began music activity again. From 2003 to 2012 they took a long vacation and then went back to meetings. A never-ending meeting.

Timons said, “We all had families and various stuff. “Throughout the scenes, I did more. We’ve been back on tour in the last few years and have more fun than ever before. Everyone else had an effect from the pandemic. It has also affected us. The tour was fifty dates, but there was a lot of fans. We have returned to the tour and played new music. Johnny. There’s a great Wright manager. Backstreet and Justin Timberlake have been known for managing it. He helped to instill and revitalize great ideas in our careers.”

Timmons was speaking of 98 Degrees’ new music and performances.

“New York State Fair is the first one. It’s nice to see people go out and get back to normal life without masks. Soon, we’ve got a lot to say. I always work in Epcot with Disney. I’m going to to towns, too. It is because of that that I made 98 degrees. Markets of secondary and tertiary. Here and there, I will do all, “Timons said. ..

Love for the crew He returns to Morton in central Illinois on August 28, to premier the movie.

Jeff Timmons, 98 degree star, motivates new music in a local movie