5 Amazing Ways Animation Is Changing How We Connect

With the online business, remote work and growing global marketplace now moving, it’s easy to feel disconnected in a world more connected than ever before. But the booming animation sector now gives more ways to connect to people than ever before. These connections, both on-line and personally, can be unexpected, creative and incredibly effective.

Below are five of the main ways in which animation can be used to create a true relationship with your public — be it family, friends, students, customers or anyone else. Your imagination is the only limit!

Speaking to the public
There are currently numerous online and personal opportunities for public speaking. Many companies, like university lectures, guest lectures or invitations to talk about a specific subject, have company or regular company conferences and video calls.

But where is entering animation? Public speaking certainly involves appearing and talking like you? It’s not forcibly! Animation can not only now be used to add a number of highly engaging visual elements – like animated title effects, slides, and even video tutorials – to your talk, you can even create an animated character!

Animated characters can be synchronized with your voice or facial expressions to give a speech as you do. This may be particularly popular with younger audiences or lighthearted events, but can be used whenever you think appropriate.

Why not give a speech or question-and-read as a mascot of your business, for example, or make your cartoon version speak and be animated, interactive and accessible to your audience?

The options are endless, and animation is a great way to connect your audience.

Striking animations are being used in advertising more and more. In the online marketplace, this is especially true and sometimes is over-saturated. Animation can enable you with fascinating or interactive designs to distinguish from the competition.

You can advertise in many ways, too, with animation. This can be done, for example, with an effective logo or animated branding piece by a personalized character or a free digital marionett.


More elaborate and powerful forms of advertising, e.g. an animated series, may also be used for animation. Many international soccer teams are actually using their own animated series now to generate fans in younger and younger groups!

To publish your business, you can use animated short videos, full series, logos, characters and more. Animation can also be highly adapted to suit your brand and business; whether it means vibrant and playful, glossy, and professional, or anything in between, it can be adapted to a variety of styles and colour schemes.

Perhaps a more unexpected way that animation enables people to connect is by playing with their identity. This could be in art and animation, or it could be by the use of, for example, a virtual 3D avatar or character.

Visual, entertaining and highly personal animated avatars. They are an excellent way to protect the identity of yourself online, so you feel confident and creative, but also great fun — both at home and at work.


Many people also use livestreams, YouTube videos, Twitch and more as part of their online identity to connect with fans and patrons.

Education Animation’s ability to connect with younger viewers and students is well known. It is dynamic, colorful and engaging – perfect for teachers and tutors who try to make something memorable and instructive.

But we continue to be attracted by animation while we grow up. It remains an extraordinarily helpful tool for education of adults or universities, for example, to facilitate complex problems, or to create an unforgettable way to absorb a great deal of information.

Animated tutorials and videos are particularly useful for making your education more fun and interactive, regardless of your age.

Business Animation was also a powerful tool in companies, which captured eyes and established a true connection between potential customers and customers – especially online.

Animations can be short, memorable and highly effective, which is why they can perfectly complement social media or e-commerce websites.