NEWS - Jeff Timmons ’90s Boy Band Members Recorded A Song For Nick Carter’s Zombie Movie

(From Nick Carter’s upcoming zombie western Dead 7 is set to air later this week (April 1), and it’s gearing up to be a late ‘90s/early [...]

Mashable: Syfy unites ’90s boy bands to fight zombies in ‘Dead 7’ trailer

"90s boy band zombie Western" might sound like words drawn from a hat by anxious Hollywood executives, which may well be the case with Dead 7, the sci-fi [...] First Trailer for Dead7, a.k.a. Zombies vs. ’90s Boy Band Members Dressed as Cowboys

"Remember this Syfy original movie when it was announced at Comic-Con last year? I sure didn’t, which means I was delighted all over again when I watch this [...]

SyFy: 90s Boy Bands vs. Zombies: Dead 7 Coming April 1

(From SyFy) We had you at "Boy Band Zombie Western," didn't we? And no, even though it's indeed airing on Syfy on April 1, Dead 7 isn't an April Fool's [...] Jeff’s New Single

"With this new single, Timmons makes his debut in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre, which is a brave move, yet one he can certainly handle. It is such a [...]

ON PEOPLE.COM: Jeff Timmons ‘Maintaining a Stripper’s Body Is Hard Work’

  Prepare to see more of Jeff Timmons. A lot more. The 98 Degrees singer will star in his own reality show, Men of the Strip, on E! this [...]

Jeff Featured at HOF Fashion Show Luncheon in Stark County

Jeff Timmons, the Stark County native who rose to fame with vocal group 98 Degrees, is heading back for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement [...]