Dead 7 ’90s Boy Band Members Recorded A Song For Nick Carter’s Zombie Movie

(From Nick Carter’s upcoming zombie western Dead 7 is set to air later this week (April 1), and it’s gearing up to be a late ‘90s/early [...]

Mashable: Syfy unites ’90s boy bands to fight zombies in ‘Dead 7’ trailer

"90s boy band zombie Western" might sound like words drawn from a hat by anxious Hollywood executives, which may well be the case with Dead 7, the sci-fi [...] First Trailer for Dead7, a.k.a. Zombies vs. ’90s Boy Band Members Dressed as Cowboys

"Remember this Syfy original movie when it was announced at Comic-Con last year? I sure didn’t, which means I was delighted all over again when I watch this [...]

SyFy: 90s Boy Bands vs. Zombies: Dead 7 Coming April 1

(From SyFy) We had you at "Boy Band Zombie Western," didn't we? And no, even though it's indeed airing on Syfy on April 1, Dead 7 isn't an April Fool's [...]